Category: Applying and Attacking Pressure

  • Press is not a strategy…

    it is an ATTITUDE!

  • VCU Full Court Pressure … and a “rip and strip three” to finish the compilation.

  • Attacking A Half-court Trap

    We attack a half-court trap much the same way we attack a 3/4 court trap (2-2-1, Box). Again we will set up in our regular press breaker, assuming the defense will pressure full-court. 04 takes the ball out of bounds, 03 working the right side of the floor and 02 working the left side of […]

  • Attacking A 3/4 Court Press

    When we begin to attack a 3/4 court press, we will start in the same press breaker as we do against full-court pressure. We set up in this press breaker assuming the defense will use full-court pressure. 04 takes the ball out of bounds, 05 and 01 work in tandem, 03 works the right side […]

  • Z-ing the Floor

    Once we inbound the basketball we want our offensive players to Z the floor, this means our players will be at 45 degree angles from the ball or at 45 degree angles from a teammate. In forming our 45 degree angles we create a pattern that looks like a backwards letter Z. Z-ing the floor […]

  • 10 Things the 4 Person Must Consider When Inbounding the Ball

    Can they run the baseline? (Can they move?) You may run the baseline after a made basket, a made free throw, or after a defensive goaltending call. When in doubt ask the official. Do not take the ball out of bounds from underneath the basket. Know the height of the ceiling, the light fixtures, the […]

  • Attacking Full-court Pressure

    Full court pressure may come on any inbounds play in the back court – but often after a made bucket and especially after a made free throw. #4 takes the ball out of bounds. #5 and #1 work in a tandem with #1 breaking off of the screen of #5. #3 and #2 break long […]

  • Rules For Attacking Full-court Pressure

    #4 always takes the ball out of bounds. #3 lines up on the right side of the floor near the top of the key area and #2 lines up opposite of #3 on the left side of the floor. #5 lines up the free throw line and will turn and set a screen for #1 […]

  • Six Person Drill

    In our diamond press one of our rules is “one and done”. This means that we will trap one time and then get back to our half-court defense. In order to be effective with our pressure we must not only do an effective job trapping, but also do a good job getting back into transition. […]

  • 3 on 2 Half-Court Drill

    In our practices we try to utilize time and floor space the best we can, so while we are working 3 on 3 in the backcourt, on the other half of the floor we are working on our 3 on 2 half-court drills. Our 3 on 3 drill works with our 4, 2, and 3 […]