Gonzaga Ball Screen

Offensive philosophy

A ball screen continuity offense just means you get multiple opportunities to run a 2 man game (pick and roll or pick and pop). If you can’t get something out of the 2 man game, you can reset and run it on the other side because the offense is symmetrical and you can run it “continuously” on either side.

  1. Great spacing (using corners)
  2. Ball movement (side to side)

Ball screen rules


  1. Big sprint to ball screen (NO JOGGING)
    1. Shoulder to shoulder
    2. Get as wide as you can, Stop – if ball comes at you
  2. Big after screen
    1. Turn and sprint to basket, play off speed (4 man)
    2. Big strong, turn seal (5 man)
  3. Duck-in
    1. Off ball screen the opposite post gets in post (seal)
  4. Guard duck in
    1. Reverse, then seal in post


  1. No space on screens
    1. Make the defender go under
  2. Get into the hop of the big guy
    1. Get their bigs in foul trouble
    2. Best FT shooter with the ball
  3. Swivel (Stockton move)
    1. Defender has hard show
    2. Guard pick up the ball
    3. Swivel back and throw pocket bounce pass to big
  4. Split
    1. Big man seperates from screener
  5. Refuse
    1. Punch the ball baseline
    2. Make the defender honest
  6. Squeeze
    1. Don’t get pushed out
    2. Drop back and take both out

Ball handler vs Ball mover

  1. Shoot
  2. Pass
  3. Drive
    1. Don’t stop the ball on the reversal
    2. Who is guarding roll guy (MUST KNOW)


There are multiple ways to start this offense but most often, they use down screens to set up the wings so the point guard can get an entry pass.

1st ball screen

  • After 1 passes to 2, 1 will cut to the basket and to the left corner
  • 4 steps out and runs a side pick and roll with 2. If 4 can shoot, then they can run pick and pop.
  • 5 cuts to the top of the key. This creates space for the pick and roll on the weak side.
  • If 2 can’t create off the pick and roll then pass to 5.

2nd ball screen

  • As soon as 5 catches the ball, you are running the same ball screen action on the other side.
  • 3 cuts hard to the basket, if they don’t get the ball then cut to opposite corner
  • 1 cuts up and receive the pass from 5
  • 5 then sets a side ball screen for 1 for the pick and roll action
  • 4 cuts to the top of the key as release

3rd ball screen

  • If you still can’t get any shots on this 2nd ball screen, 1 passes to 4
  • 2 cuts hard to the basket
  • 3 cuts up and receives a pass from 4.
  • 4 sets another side ball screen for 3.
  • 2 cuts to opposite corner and 5 comes up to the top as the release.

As you can see, this offense repeats itself and can be run unlimited number of times on each side.

Stockton and Malone and the pick and roll.