3 on 2 Half-Court Drill

In our practices we try to utilize time and floor space the best we can, so while we are working 3 on 3 in the backcourt, on the other half of the floor we are working on our 3 on 2 half-court drills. Our 3 on 3 drill works with our 4, 2, and 3 players in our diamond press, while our 3 on 2 half-court drills works with our 1 and 5 players.

We start with three offensive players behind the half-court line and with X1 and X5 on the other side of the half-court line, as shown in diagram 29. On the command of the coach, three offensive players go to attack the basket. X1 and X5 must quickly get back in transition defense. X1 must stop the ball and X5 must protect the basket.

X1 stops the ball near the top of the key area, while X5 protects the basket and then goes with the first pass, as shown in diagram 30. As the pass is made to the wing, X5 leaves the basket and goes to the ball. X1 must now drop back to protect the basket. We cannot leave the basket unprotected and allow a lay-up off of our press.

In diagram 31 above, X1 and X5 have switched sides of the floor. This is important because in our press they will end up playing on both sides of the floor. In diagram 32 X1 has put himself in position to stop the ball near the top of the key area and X5 is positioned at 1 1/2 to 2 steps in front of the basket in order to protect the basket.

In diagram 33 the ball is being passed before the ball nears the top of the key or X1. In this case X1, the defender at the top of the key, will go with the ball and the back person, X5, would stay and protect the basket.