10 Things the 4 Person Must Consider When Inbounding the Ball

  1. Can they run the baseline? (Can they move?) You may run the baseline after a made basket, a made free throw, or after a defensive goaltending call. When in doubt ask the official.
  2. Do not take the ball out of bounds from underneath the basket.
  3. Know the height of the ceiling, the light fixtures, the scoreboard (if any scoreboard hangs down over the playing area), and any other object that may hang down over the playing area.
  4. The inbounder has five seconds to release the ball.
  5. The number of timeouts your team has left(only old NCAA rules).
  6. Know where the out of bounds markings are on the floor.
  7. How much room you have in the out of bounds area. How far you can move backwards.
  8. The amount of time left in the game.
  9. The amount of time left on the shot clock. (if applicable)
  10. Your primary and secondary options for attacking the defense.