Schedule/Results 2013-2014


The 2013-2014 Sr. High Boys Basketball team competed in tournaments according to the following schedule:

December 6/7 @ St. Jerome’s 2nd Place
December 13/14 @ St. Paul Regional Champion
January 10/11 @ Cold Lake Assumption 3rd Place
January 31/February 1 @ Tofield Quad School 3 losses
February 14/15 @ JR Robson 4th place
February 28/March 1st @ Vegreville Composite Consolation Winner
March 14/15 Zones @ St. Jerome
March 20/21/22 Provincials @ Glendon

ASAA Results:
6-Dec-13 St Jerome[1A] 80 Ryley High[1A] 70 W
7-Dec-13 St Jerome[1A] 61 Bawlf[1A] 47 W
7-Dec-13 St Jerome[1A] 41 Lloyd[4A] 96 L
11-Dec-13 Holy Rosary[3A] 79 St Jerome[1A] 42 L
13-Dec-13 St Paul Regional [3A] 53 St Jerome[1A] 64 W
14-Dec-13 J A Williams High[3A] 70 St Jerome[1A] 71 W
14-Dec-13 Ashmont Secondary[2A] 65 St Jerome[1A] 70 W
10-Jan-14 Thunderchild[1A] 61 St Jerome[1A] 64 W
11-Jan-14 Assumption Jr Sr [2A] 76 St Jerome[1A] 42 L
11-Jan-14 Central High[2A] 33 St Jerome[1A] 58 W
14-Jan-14 J R Robson High[2A] 69 St Jerome[1A] 80 W
31-Jan-14 Hay Lakes High[1A] 76 St Jerome[1A] 48 L
1-Feb-14 Tofield High School[2A] 75 St Jerome[1A] 60 L
1-Feb-14 Ashmont Secondary[2A] 67 St Jerome[1A] 59 L
4-Feb-14 St Jerome[1A] 55 Kitscoty[2A] 58 L
6-Feb-14 Kitscoty Jr Sr High[2A] 66 St Jerome[1A] 59 L
14-Feb-14 St Jerome[1A] 68 Ecole Mallaig School[1A] 53 W
15-Feb-14 St Jerome[1A] 59 Lloydminster Comprehensive[4A] 75 L
15-Feb-14 St Jerome[1A] 61 Holy Rosary[3A] 64 L
28-Feb-14 J.C. Charyk[2A] 77 St. Jerome[1A] 55 L
01-Mar-14 St Jerome[1A] 82 Ryley High[1A] 55 W
01-Mar-14 St Jerome[1A] 77 Andrew High[1A] 28 W
12-Mar-14 St Jerome[1A] 76 JR Robson High[2A] 72 W
15-Mar-14 St Jerome[1A] 69 Vilna School[1A] 63 W
16-Mar-14 St Jerome[1A] Glendon[1A] L
22-Mar-14 St Jerome[1A] 51 Clear Water Academy 94 L
23-Mar-14 St Jerome[1A] 44 Glendon 77 L
22-Mar-14 St Jerome[1A] 63 Grand Trunk 83 L


2013-2014 Season Summary
The Spartans finished the regular season with an overall record of 12 Wins and 11 losses (with only one loss against a 1A team).
This year’s Spartans season had several highlights:

  • 2nd place finish at their home tournament
  • winners of the championship in St. Paul
  • 3rd place in Cold Lake
  • 4th place at JR Robson
  • Consolation winners at Vegreveille
  • North East Zone Silver Medal
  • Wildcard qualifier at 1A Provincials in Glendon

The Spartans outscored their opponents in the last 6 games by an average of 71-57. Their final game of the regular season was a thrilling 76-72 overtime win over JR Robson. The Spartans defeated Vilna in the Zone semi-final 69-63, securing a wildcard spot at Provincials hosted in Glendon. The Provincials highlight was the ASAA Sportsmanship pin awarded at centre court to Matthew Pulyk (maybe a few votes came from those who witnessed his “hypnotic” off stage performance at the banquet – google it!).

Pregame Prayer
Strong and faithful God,
as we come together for this contest,
we ask you to bless these athletes.
Keep them safe from injury and harm,
instil in them respect for each other,
and reward them for their perseverance.
Lead us all to the rewards of your kingdom
where you live and reign for ever and ever.