Rules For Attacking Full-court Pressure

  1. #4 always takes the ball out of bounds.
  2. #3 lines up on the right side of the floor near the top of the key area and #2 lines up opposite of #3 on the left side of the floor.
  3. #5 lines up the free throw line and will turn and set a screen for #1 who is lined up at the top of the key. #1 will cut off the #5’s screen in either direction, but must avoid the corners where he can be easily be trapped. #5 will then break opposite of #1, also avoiding the corners.
  4. #2 and #3 should break long first and then come back hard for the ball if #1 or #5 cannot get open
  5. #4 will look to make the long pass first, hoping to catch the defense off guard. (Carolina!)
  6. Once the ball is inbounded players line up at 45 degree angels to move the ball up the floor.
  7. After inbounding the ball, #4 should stay behind the ball at a 45 degree angle.
  8. #5 goes “circle to circle”
  9. If no one can get open, players should go away from the ball and then come back for a pass.
  10. We want to keep good floor spacing and Z the floor.
  11. Look to score. ATTACK THE BASKET!