Fast-Break Fundamentals

  1. Three-Player Fast-Break Rules
    1. Person in the middle on the break
      1. Always keep head up
      2. Never gives ball up too early unless there is a teammate way out in front of everyone
      3. stops at foul line; stays under control
        1. In middle of foul line
        2. On a particular corner if the foul line
      4. Throws bounce pass to cutters to the basket
      5. Make pass catchable
      6. Look to pass first, shoot jumper second
    2. Wing players in the break
      1. Fill lanes as quickly as possible
      2. Stay wide—out near sidelines
      3. Make cut to basket at foul line extended
        1. Make V cut by planting outside foot
        2. Cut in a straight line to the basket
      4. Keep eye on ball to be ready to pass
      5. Have responsibilities after after the cut to basket
        1. Either to stay on the boxes
        2. Or to cross under the basket
        3. Or to pop back to their own corner looking for jumper
      6. May run to baseline to look for jumper rather than cut to basket
      7. One may go to baseline and the other to cut to basket
  2. Two-on-One Fast-Break Rules
    1. Players should stay wide and split the defensive person
    2. Make defensive player cover a larger area
    3. Make defensive player commit before player with ball decides what to do (drive for shot or pass to teammate)
    4. Non-shooter must be prepared for an offensive rebound
    5. Player with ball must stay under control in order to avoid the charge
  3. Five-Player Fast-Break Rules
    1. Person in the middle rules
    2. Wing player rules
    3. Trailers
      1. Try to stay behind the ball
      2. Coach must decide on spots they are to go to, lanes to be run, and the cuts they are to make