Schedule/Results 2014-2015

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The 2014-2015 Sr. High Boys Basketball team will be competing in tournaments according to the following schedule (additional home/travel games and tournaments may be added):


December 5/6 @ St. Jerome’s 3rd Place
December 12/13 @ St. Paul Regional 4th Place
January 9/10 @ Cold Lake Assumption 4th Place
January 30/31 @ Tofield Quad School
February 13/14 @ JR Robson Consolation Winner
February 20/21 @ Kitscoty Championship Winner
March 13/14 Zones @ Vilna
March 18-21 Provincials @ Hines Creek (North West Zone)

ASAA Results:

05-Dec-2014 St Jerome[1A] 82 Marwayne Jubilee School[1A] 70 W
06-Dec-2014 St Jerome[1A] 55 New Norway High[1A] 81 L
06-Dec-2014 St Jerome[1A] 55 Bawlf School[1A] 52 W (Third Place Winner)
12-Dec-2014 F G Miller High[2A] 41 St Jerome[1A] 72 W
13-Dec-2014 St Jerome[1A] 58 Ashmont Secondary[2A] 79 L
13-Dec-2014 St Paul Regional High[3A] 75 St Jerome[1A] 66 L
09-Jan-2015 Assumption Jr Sr High[2A] 78 St Jerome[1A] 37 L
10-Jan-2015 St Jerome[1A] 57 Notre Dame Bonnyville [2A] 73 L
10-Jan-2015 St Jerome[1A] 88 F W Johnson Regina Sask [4A] 83 W (OT Winner)
30-Jan-2015 St Jerome[1A] 53 St Mary High Westlock [1A] 70 L
30-Jan-2015 Hay Lakes High[1A] 61 St Jerome[1A] 52 L
31-Jan-2015 St Jerome[1A] 59 Ryley High[1A] 61 L
11-Feb-2015 St Jerome[1A] 81 Blessed Sacrament[2A] 47 W
13-Feb-2015 St Jerome[1A] 69 Ashmont Secondary[2A] 73 L
14-Feb-2015 St Jerome[1A] 65 Kitscoty Jr Sr High[2A] 41 W (Consolation Winners)
20-Feb-2015 Kitscoty Jr Sr High[2A] 47 St Jerome[1A] 69 W
21-Feb-2015 Lloydminster Comp JV[4A] 43 St Jerome[1A] 65 W
21-Feb-2015 St Jerome[1A] 81 Holy Rosary JV[3A] 56 W (Championship Winners)

ASAA Rankings

2014/15 First and Second Ranking Honourable Mention


2013-2014 Season Summary

Pregame Prayer
Strong and faithful God,
as we come together for this contest,
we ask you to bless these athletes.
Keep them safe from injury and harm,
instil in them respect for each other,
and reward them for their perseverance.
Lead us all to the rewards of your kingdom
where you live and reign for ever and ever.