Kansas Ball Screen

Fundamentals of a ball screen offensive tandem. Kansas scores some easy buckets off a screen against some lazy/tired man-to-man defense.

The “Five Man” screens and looks to roll, finds a cut backdoor after a screen, and then screens ball guard all the way to the goal as well to be in good rebounding position s well.

Tips for better defense:

  • be more active with the hedge/switch/help after you are picked,
  • DO NOT step forward when you reach forward, step back when “tagging” your man,
  • or “skinny” your pick and ride the opponent “hip-to-hip” around the screen,
  • or DO NOT switch and find/stay with your man “in line, up the line”.

Offense Tips
Notice the offensive guards are “2 out”. Two guards control the area above the circle/elbows. The third guard is on the baseline/bricks(looking for threes and easy twos) while the “5 man” is screening. Where did the “2” guard go when the “1” penetrates at 0:32? Where does the third guard go at 0:33? Could he have been there sooner to be seen by the “1”? What has “4-man” done to open the lane for the first score? What is he in position to do when the second shot goes up?