Category: Man-to-Man Defense

  • T-Bone > T Foul

    Junk defenses put a lot of pressure on the star player of the opposing team, but beware. Stars can lose their temper and look for a cheap payback. Watch Embiid from Kansas (White jersey #21) respond to the aggressive “T-bone” from a Kansas State player Williams (blue #11). Embiid gets tossed.

  • Kansas Ball Screen

    Fundamentals of a ball screen offensive tandem. Kansas scores some easy buckets off a screen against some lazy/tired man-to-man defense. The “Five Man” screens and looks to roll, finds a cut backdoor after a screen, and then screens ball guard all the way to the goal as well to be in good rebounding position s…

  • Bruce Bowen on Man-to-Man Defense

    What Bowan doesn’t say, but you can notice, is how dominant his left foot is in defending.