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  • Kansas Ball Screen Offense Clinic

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  • Kansas Ball Screen

    Fundamentals of a ball screen offensive tandem. Kansas scores some easy buckets off a screen against some lazy/tired man-to-man defense. The “Five Man” screens and looks to roll, finds a cut backdoor after a screen, and then screens ball guard all the way to the goal as well to be in good rebounding position s […]

  • Post Men (4,5)

    4= Best on the boards 5= Threat from 3-pt land too Offense Never stand on the low post. The post on the side of the ball always picks/screens the weak-side post. The post on the side of the ball breaks to the corner(Baseline 3-pt shot) for a pass from the wing. Be aware that a […]

  • Wing Man (2,3)

    2=weak side(usually left) 3=strong side(usually right) Offense Constantly move to the baseline and back court(centre line). This movement conceals cuts to the basket. It also encourages defense to “overplay”(on your hip) thus opening key for entry pass/drive. When defense overplays (tight defense), pick low post man to allow him to receive a pass from the […]

  • Point Guard(1)

    Offense Penetration down the centre is encouraged because of the open high post. (ie Ball screens by 4s and 5s should be near the 3 pt line or top of a circle) Maintain ball movement to both wings. Open the floor under you after a pass. Ball side cut to a baseline wing, weak side […]