Category: Zone Defense

  • 2-3 Zone Defense

    Read the following post on playing the 2-3 zone defense. Notice how this author sees little value in trapping the wings while playing an occasional “trap the middle.” Also notice some irony, the author is explaining how to play zone well, but still maintains the importance of playing man-to-man defense. The 4 Most Important […]

  • Junk Defenses

    Man-to-man defensive adjustments against a “star” player As coach, if you have confidence in your team’s man-to-man defensive ability and quickness, you might just consider some adjustments in your man defense. First, explain to the rest of the team, that the person who has the assignment of guarding the “star” will not be able to […]

  • Zone Defense 1-3-1

    Half-Court Trap: 1 = TRAP all over the ball everywhere above the free throw line, DENY the reverse/skip through point 2,3 = in “tandem” alternating one TRAP on the ball and the other DENY the “back door”. 4 = post to post, circle to circle, coast to coast, STEAL STEAL STEAL 5 = DENY wing […]