Zone Defense 1-3-1

Half-Court Trap:

1 = TRAP all over the ball everywhere above the free throw line, DENY the reverse/skip through point
2,3 = in “tandem” alternating one TRAP on the ball and the other DENY the “back door”.
4 = post to post, circle to circle, coast to coast, STEAL STEAL STEAL
5 = DENY wing to wing, TRAP corner to corner.

Tandem Emphasis:
Notice 4 denying the high post entry
Note: 1 and 5 can work in “tandem” one TRAP on the ball and the other DENY “up the line”


Diamond and 1 with T-bone hand-checking DENY the “Alpha-Dog”
Take T-Bone out and the remaining 4 work in “Tandem” pairs. In each pair one TRAP, one DENY.


Notice 5 is busiest when ball is closest to goal/endline.

Full Court Press:

Creates a 3-2 in the FRONT court
1 and 5 MUST work in “Tandem”. When 1 is beat by a reverse DO NOT ball chase in the FRONT Court
4 is free to CONTAIN, DENY the reverse, TRAP, and STEAL.
2 or 3 MUST DENY their 5 in “Tandem”