4 Against 5

In breaking down our press we try to make practice tougher than game situations, so sometimes we will go 4 against 5. This makes the job of X1 much tougher because X1 does not have X5 to help take away the long cross court pass. In this drill the responsibilities if X4, X3 and X2 remain the same, but we are now also working with X1 to read the offense and try to take away the long pass. X1 shows ball side, in diagram 26, X1 is showing towards the left side of the floor. X1 reads the offense and does not get beat by the same pass two times in a row.

In diagrams 27 and 28, X1 is showing to the right side of the floor. In this drill the offense can only throw the ball into the backcourt, because X5 is not present. When the ball is inbounded on the right side, as is beign shown in diagram 27, X4 and X3 form the trap and X2 moves ball side, as we see in diagram 28. X1 will show to the ball, but now has two people to cover, again X1 must not get beat by the same pass two times in a row. We are still limiting the drill to the backcourt.