Wing Man (2,3)

2=weak side(usually left)
3=strong side(usually right)

Constantly move to the baseline and back court(centre line). This movement conceals cuts to the basket. It also encourages defense to “overplay”(on your hip) thus opening key for entry pass/drive. When defense overplays (tight defense), pick low post man to allow him to receive a pass from the wing. A pass to the corner (baseline 3-pt shot) signals a wing to cut to the basket. Always pick a low post man after a cut. Rebound triangle with 4/5. The weak-side wing (opposite the play) fills the point position when point guard cuts through or rotates to the wing. Bounce pass to post men. Set up lob pass make sure post man can get to a lob pass. Rebound, follow your shot.

Press Break
When 4 says go or slaps the ball, cut under 5 at the foul line, rub shoulders with other wings, and cut hard to centre/sideline. Do not cross till ball is in play. Spread defense wide to sideline, do not encourage “Hail Mary” passes to the middle. Make sharp cut to basket at sideline/foul line line extended. Drive when chance to score or draw foul. Look for “trailer threes” to 5 or 1 on perimeter. If defense is back reset offense with a “kick out” or “throw back” to 1. Don’t force a bad pass. Hit long bomb only if clearly out in front. Set up threes if break is after a turnover “rip and strip”. Always keep lanes open for others to drive lay-ups. “Shake and bake” layups to get your “and ones”.

Example press break:

Man to Man

In line up the line. Work for position between man and ball with “back to the glass”. Be “in line” to intercept pass. If man sticks to you move “up the line” toward ball to discourage pass. Roll off screens with back.

Call switches “in tandem.” If in doubt, block the lane and rebound.

Play tight to discourage passes to strong players, allow passes to poor players then pressure for a turnover.

Beware their fast break. Be first man back. Rebound after our team’s shots only if point is protected.

Guard “triple threat” deny drive, shot, pass. Evaluate your opponent, take away his strength. If a good shooter, deny shot and give up pass. If good drive, allow shot. If he passes, you wanted him to. If he shoots, you let him, if he drives, he won’t score.

Wings(2,3) are always back on defense with 1 before the big man(4,5).

Free Throws
Guard against fast break. Be outlet to vacant wing to start offense. After bucket set up press or press break. Only 3 players from each team line up for free throws. Defend man to man. Offense 4,5 and a wing.

Inbounds Play
Similar to fast break. 2 and 3 rub off each other’s shoulder as a screen. get the ball to the “hot shooter.” Spread out defense to sideline to center to baseline. Make sharp hard V cuts in and out of lanes. Threaten the boards to collapse defense, threaten the perimeter to draw them out. Look for easy bounce pass to post men.

Your All Star Stats
Double-double in points, assists, steals, or rebounds.