Post Men (4,5)

4= Best on the boards
5= Threat from 3-pt land too

Never stand on the low post.

The post on the side of the ball always picks/screens the weak-side post.

The post on the side of the ball breaks to the corner(Baseline 3-pt shot) for a pass from the wing.

Be aware that a pass to the high post(or elbow) signals a weak-side wing to go back door.

Rotate, cut across use the entire post: elbow, high, middle, low, and don’t forget to be a threat from deep corner for three.

Rebound like a monster, “keep elbows above your ears”, both hands are strong moves.

Pivot on foot closest to hoop, step under and through, jab up and then under, jab and reverse.

Always power dribble with two hands beneath your knees, go up strong.

Form a rebound triangle with other post-man and a wing. Don’t let them get the ball, don’t let the ball touch the floor.

Ball screen: know how to set a “sidescreen” or “stick your nose in his ear hole” and “butscreen” or “back screen”.

Know how to execute a pick and roll.

Know how to “hedge” and “trap the middle”.

When ball is in “left back” crowd the strong side and leave the weakside post open.

When ball is in “right back” crowd the weakside post and leave the strong side post open for the drive.

Know how to set a “double-screen”: aka “Red Dog”, know how to create an “elevator screen”: aka “Brazil”.

Where is Spain? Why would you go there?

Press Break
4 inbounds to 1 off the screen or across the baseline after a bucket. Looks to 5 off his pick and roll, or hits 2 or 3 on the break if way out in front.

4 rumbles up the floor following 45 degrees behind ball carrier at least to half court.

Utilize quick give and go with 1.

4 inbounds ball at all sidelines – but do not slow down a fast break opportunity to do this, anyone can “break” or “Carolina!”.

It is OK for 4-man to be last man to the hoop. We can exploit this pattern with a “4-back door” sideline play as an endgame easy score.

 5 sets pick and roll for 1 in foul circle, again at centre, and 5 trails for open 3-pt shot. If 5 receives inbound, Z floor by looking first opposite 180 to wing man 2 or 3, then back to 1 or 4.
No “Hail Mary” up centre of court.
Look for “Carolina!” fast breaks always.

Man to Man

In line up the line.

Go “body to body” with their biggest threat under the boards.

Always front the man under the boards. Do not settle for position in “jail”.

Call switches “in tandem.” If in doubt, block the lanes and rebound.

Play tight to discourage passes to strong players. Allow passes to poor players then pressure for a turnover.

Beware their fast break. Hustle back, look for turnovers. Rebound after all shots.

Guard “triple-threat” deny drive, shot, pass. Evaluate your opponent, take away his strength. If a good shooter, deny shot and give up pass. If good drive, allow shot. If he passes, you wanted him to. If he shoots, you let him, if he drives he won’t score.

Generally on the post, deny his lane to the hoop. Front post to force a lob, make him sit on your hip.

On the left post, against a right-handed guard/post, deny the pass into the post player by overplaying him “left foot up” on the “base line side” so you can “take him to the elbow”.

On the right post, against a right-handed guard/post, deny the pass into the post player by overplaying him “left foot up” on the “elbow side” so you can “take him to Spain.”

Free Throws
Rebound. Deny passes for fast break, encourage them to “hail mary” up the middle. After bucket set up press or press break. Only 3 players from each team line up for free throws. Defend man to man. Offense 4,5 and a wing.

Inbound Play
Similar to fast break. 4 inbounds. 5 screens for 1 and pick and rolls to bucket/open, rebound, perimeter shot as a trailer.

Your All Star Stats
Double-double in points, rebounds, or blocked shots.