Point Guard(1)

Penetration down the centre is encouraged because of the open high post. (ie Ball screens by 4s and 5s should be near the 3 pt line or top of a circle)
Maintain ball movement to both wings. Open the floor under you after a pass. Ball side cut to a baseline wing, weak side cut through post to weak side wing.
Move the front guards of a 2-3 zone “off the centre-line” – attack the weak side guard on the dribble/backscreen.
Cut through the middle is optional after a pass to either wing. This cut should include a pick on the weak-side-low-post man and then return to the vacant wing. This wing should be vacant since 2 or 3 rotated to the point to fill for a perimeter pass.
Become an outlet pass from a corner man after a wing passes and cuts into key.
Ball is always moving, wings cut through vacant post, fill vacant points/wings.
Shoot threes after a turnover “rip and strip”.
Shoot threes when your team can control the weak side rebound.
Bounce passes to man in the paint.
Know how to execute a “pick and roll”, look for “back door cutters”.
Pass a pick “body-to-body” or “rub shoulders” with your man.
Dribble split a 2 man trap.
Pay attention if their defence knows how to “hedge a screen.”
Pay attention if their weak side guard “ball chases” or “sags” or “helps”.

Press Break
On the fast break and inbound play, use 5 as a screen, rud shoulders. hook, curl, flare. Help 4 on baseline to beat press after a basket. But hard Vs. After inbound Z floor. Look to wings at centre/sideline. Hit 2/3 if way in front. Hit 5 after his pick and roll. Return to 4 give and go. Join fast break for “trailer three” with 5(open wing). Maintain control if no pressure and take ball up to start offence.

One word “Carolina!”

1 – primary outlet, 4 – inbounds, 5 – in circles, 2 & 3 wing cutters/runners/outlets

Example: http://www.jes-basketball.com/animated/poffensespecialstackpressbreak.html

Man to Man

In line up the line. Work for postition between man and ball. Be “in line” to intercept pass. If man sticks to you move “up the line” toward ball to discourage pass. Roll off screens with back.

Trap in the center of the court – especially after a good “hedge” on a ball screen.

Call switches “in tandem.” If in doubt, block the lanes and rebound.

Know how to “hedge” or “skinny” screen.

Play tight to discourage passes to strong players, allow passes to poor players then pressure for a turnover.

Back-check for a “rip and strip”.

Anticipate turnovers and “chase rabbits” in “Carolina”.

Beware their fast break. Be first man back. Rebound after our team’s shots only if the point is protected. Remember we have 3 “point guards” on the floor at all times, therefore the “point” in theory should never be “unguarded.”

Guard “triple-threat” deny (1)drive, (2)shot, (3)pass. Evaluate your opponent, take away his strength. If a good shooter, deny shot and give up pass. If good drive, allow shot and rebound. If he passes, you want him to. If he shoots, you let him, if he drives he won’t score.

Do not foul! If you get beat, you get beat. If you get beat too often you do not play.

Free throws
Chair a brief team meeting or huddle between the circles during first (if two) shot.
Guard against fast break. Be outlet to vacant wings to start offense. After bucket set up press or press break.
Only 3 players from each team line up for free throws.
Defend man to man – always “mark up”.
Chair a brief team meeting or huddle between the circles during first shot.

Inbound plays
Use 5 as a screen near top of circles, know where and what you want before you get ball. Allow post man(4,5) to be with the play and under the boards weak side before perimeter shot.
You shoot a buzzer beater, or give it up to the hot shooter.

Your All Star Stats
Double-double in points, assists, steals.