Diamond (1-2-1-1) Press Rules

  1. Our diamond press is based on a numbering system that allows our players to move easily from our offensive positions to our defensive press positions.
  2. X4 pressures the person taking the ball ot of bounds and forms the inside of the first trap.
  3. Invite the inbound pass to the corner, so that X4 can trap with X2 or X3.
  4. X2 or X3 will trap the sideline with X4. They must not allow the offensive team to beat the trap up the sideline.
  5. The endline and the sideline work as two more defenders in our trap.
  6. If X2 or X3 are not trapping with X4, they are responsible for any pass back towards the middle.
  7. X1 is responsible for the long entry pass or the next pass up the floor out of the trap. X1 also must protect the basket until X5 passes him.
  8. The main responsibility of X5 is to protect the basket.
  9. One trap and done (unless the next pass after the initial inbounds pass is made backwards.
  10. The key for positioning is reading the offense and anticipating where the inbounds pass and the pass out of the double team will go.
  11. Never get beat by the same pass twice in a row.
  12. No second shots off of transition.
  13. When we steal the ball we will attack the basket and look to score. Many times after a steal players on the opposing team will get fustrated and become foul prone.
  14. We stay in our diamond press even though it may appear to be innefective at times. By keeping the pressure on, we are forcing the offensive team to constantly make decisions that will eventually lead to turnovers.