2-3 Zone Offense “Vermont”

Vermont starts with a "double down"
Vermont starts with a “double down”
A big "fills" a wing then "screens down" their middle
A big “fills” a wing then “screens down” their middle
Our “Mr. Big” gets a jump shot from the “smiley face”

Use this simple play vs the 2-3 zone defense for an easy inside jump-shot. Diagram A below shows us starting with a low double stack set, with guards O2 and O3 on the left lane line, and post players O4 and O5 on the right lane line. Put your intended shooter (here O5) as the low person in the stack.

O2 cuts under to the right corner, while O3 cuts out to the left wing. O4 pops out to the right wing and gets the pass from O1. In diagram B, O4 looks at our good shooter O2 in the corner and might even pass fake (to get X3 aware of O2), but instead reverses the ball back to O1. We want X1 guarding O1, and O1 takes a couple dribbles left (diagram C). O2 cuts up to the wing (to occupy X3), as O4 sets a good down-screen on the X5 defender. O5 curls around the screen for the pass from O1, and the inside jump-shot.

Imagine that if O4 waits for O2 to back screen X3, O4 could run “4 back door” for a “Weakside inside” pass from O1 or O3.