2-3 Zone Offense “Chicago”

Here is another play attacking the 2-3 zone defense. Having an athletic O3 who can jump and finish inside is key. See the diagrams below. O2 sets up on the left wing, v-cuts and gets the pass from O1. O5 and O4 set up below the defense.

O5 back-screens the middle defender (X5), while O4 back-screens the weak-side low defender (X4). By crossing O4 and O5, we get better screening angles on both screens. O3 slides below the screens for the lob pass from O2, and possible dunk. Or if unable to dunk, O3 catches the pass, gathers and scores off the glass.

Both bigs "backscreen" their weak sides up the "weakside" of the key/post
Both bigs “backscreen” their weak sides up the “weakside” of the key/post
Look for 3 "weakside inside"
Look for 3 “weakside inside”

Notice the familiar fundamentals of the setup: 2 men in a double screen, guard in the point, pass weak side inside, back door cut, rebound the weakside. Notice how much it looks like a “red dog” or “brazil” or a “four back door”(if O3 passed to O2 passed to O1).

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