Preseason Spartans Provincially Ranked Honorable Mention

Check out the pre-season 1A boys rankings. Spartan are an Honorable Mention.

Why? 4 returning athletic Grade 12 starters and a core of new Grade 10s with above average junior high experience.

What does the ranking mean? Basically the North East zone has been well represented in the last few years at provincials, Spartans are ranked 2 in the North East Zone to start the season.

Is this ranking important? A preseason ranking is simply a target, really. The ranking timeline (final ranking in February) is the big deal as it determines the 12 team draw at provincials in Stirling. However, if the North East zone has teams ranking during all ranking periods, the chances increase of the North East being awarded a Wild Card berth. So, if the season ended today and a North East team was ranked high, and another North East team, as well, a wild card may be awarded to the North East zone. Wild Cards are always awarded before the zone playoffs.