The Long Entry Pass

If the initial or entry pass is made beyond the front line of our defense, as shown in diagram 20, we will get back on defense right away and not give up a lay-up. Remember, we want to get back to the paint and find our people from the inside out. We do not want to chase the ball down the floor. The only exception would be for the person guarding a prolific 3 point shooter, that defender woud pick up their person at the 3 point arc.

In transition, X1 must stop the ball near the top of the key and X5 must protect the basket, as we see in diagram 21. If the offensive player with the ball takes the ball towards X1 then makes a pass, X5 would go with the pass and X1 would drop back to protect the basket. If the offensive player with the ball passes the ball before nearing X1, then X1 would go with the pass and X5 would stay and protect the basket.

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